Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Car Insurance Companies charge more depending on your Education or Work Status

Car Insurance Companies,Car Insurance company

Insurance companies consider a lot of factors to determine the amount of premium you need pay. A report said that some companies includes your education level and work status and may charge you more for it.

According to a report by the Consumer Federation of America, companies like GEICO, Progressive, Liberty Mutual and Farmers will charge you more if you only have a high school diploma or work a "blue collar" job.

Geico, for instance, often charges a Seattle-based factory worker with only a high school degree $870 a year for insurance. Which is 45 percent higher than the $599 it would likely charges a plant supervisor with a college degree.

Comparison from different states: 45% more in Seattle ($870 vs. $599), 40% more in Hartford ($1299 vs. $926), 33% more in Oakland ($922 vs. $693), 23% more in Louisville ($2200 vs. $1791), 21% more in Chicago ($1013 vs. $840), and 20% more in Baltimore ($1971 vs. $1647).

The cost of owning a car just keeps on increasing with skyrocketing gas prices and exorbitant repair fees, now you need to pay more on insurance premiums based on your education and work status.

Consumer Federation of America Report (PDF)

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